Deep ripping day at Ouyen set to draw big crowds

The Deep Ripping Field Day run in collaboration with Mallee Sustainable Farming and AGRIvision Consultants is preparing for a big turnout of farmers and advisers, Tuesday 12th of March as farmer interest in deep ripping reaches an all-time high.

Fred Maynard named winner of 2019 David Roget Award for Excellence

Mallee Sustainable Farming is proud to announce Lameroo farmer Fred Maynard the 2019 winner of the David Roget award for Excellence.

Fred was presented with the prestigious award at the recent MSF Mallee Research Update held in Murrayville in February, by MSF Deputy Chair Robert Pocock.

Fred was a standout nominee for the award having always been known as an innovator, keen to adopt new methods to increase sustainable production.

Mallee Seeps Farmer Survey

A report for Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc, to provide an initial assessment of the extent of seep issues affecting farmers across the South Australian and Victorian Mallee Farming region.

GRDC National Frost Initiative

GRDC increased investment in frost research in 2014 to establish the National Frost Initiative. This five-year, national initiative will tackle frost from several angles and deliver growers a combination of genetic and management solutions to mitigate frost together with tools and information to better predict frost events.

Soil carbon: A Q&A with Gupta Vadakattu

Soil carbon plays a key role in crop growth, so a good understanding of the role of carbon in cropping systems can help improve crop productivity. CSIRO researcher Dr Gupta Vadakattu explains why carbon is important and how growers can make the most of their soil carbon.